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Controlled Islanding with Special Consideration of Parallel Power System Restoration Constraints

Jairo Quirós-Tortós, Pablo Fernández-Porras



Intentional Controlled Islanding (ICI) can prevent blackouts by splitting the system into islands following a severe disturbance. Post-islanding events, however, might lead to instabilities that can result into blackouts within one or more islands. Although it is critical to ensure that the islands can be restored in the case of local blackouts, this has not been addressed in the literature. To fill this gap, this paper proposes an ICI method that considers not only the typical ICI constraints, but also Parallel Power System Restoration (PPSR) constraints. The traditional islanding problem for minimal power-flow disruption ensuring the typical generator coherency constraint is extended to include at least one blackstart unit within each island and to exclude various branches from possible solutions. To understand the extent to which each island can be restored, the method quantifies the active and reactive power generation available within each island to determine the maximum load that can be picked up. By applying the proposed ICI method, the restoration process can be facilitated and speeded up. Simulation studies on two IEEE test systems are used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the method in determining an islanding solution that considers PPSR constraints with different network topologies and sizes.

Palabras clave

Graph theory; intentional controlled islanding; parallel power system restoration; spectral clustering

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