The aim of this study is to determine the effect of different silane-containing solutions on ceramic-cement bonding and their interaction with different dual-cure resin cements. Forty five glass- ceramic plaques (IPS e.max CAD®) were sandblasted with aluminum oxide for 5s, etched with 10% hydrofluoric acid gel (HF) for 20s and then divided in three groups of 15 each to be treated with different silane-containing solutions: RelyX Ceramic Primer® (AS), Scotchbond Universal® (SU), Clearfil Ceramic Primer® (CP). Then each group was divided in five groups of three plaques to receive the following dual-cure resin cements: Conventional: RelyX Ultimate (RU), RelyX ARC (AR), VarioLink II (VL); and two self-adhesive: RelyX UNICEM 2 (U2), and BiFix (BF). Eight cement cylinders of each cement were distributed on each plaque and polymerized, summarizing 24 cylinders per group. After 24 h storage in relative humidity at 37°C, each cylinder was subjected to a microshear testing. Failure mode was analyzed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Data were statistically analyzed with two-way ANOVA (resin cement and silane ) and Tukey test (p≤0.05). Both factors significantly influenced the results and also interaction between them was detected (p=0.0001). μSBS was significantly higher when ceramic was treated with AS for all cements. Most of cements showed no statistically different means when treated with SU and CP, except BF-SU and AR-CP that showed significantly lower means within their treatment groups. Some incomplete polymerization areas were observed in SEM images for those cases. Cohesive failure in resin cement type was predominant with higher results while adhesive with lower results. The sole silane solution improved better bonding than the universal adhesive and the ceramic primer. In general, universal adhesive and ceramic primer produced acceptable mean values and they were statistically comparable. Compatibility between silane solutions and dual-cure resin cements may be material dependent. 

Keywords: Adhesive bond, microshear test, resin cements, silane solutions