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Odovtos – International Journal of Dental Sciences  (Odovtos-Int J Dent Sc) is the official scientific publication of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Costa Rica.  The main objective of this peer-reviewed journal is to disseminate original and transcendental knowledge in the field of dentistry and its specialties.

  Odovtos-Int J Dent Sc primary readership consists of dentists, dental educators, academics, dental students, researchers, health professionals and general public interested in expanding their knowledge in the area.

  Our journal consider unpublished and original manuscripts with a prominent focus on critical and innovative data, promoting major clinical, academic and scientific research, based on International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) recommendations. Odovtos - Int J Dent Sc offers Online-First publication, allowing frequent dissemination of its content. 




Odovtos – International Journal of Dental Sciences compromises to disseminate their contents worldwide, through collaborations with several Dental Schools, online databases, index and repositories, website, social media, among others. All submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed based solely on the criteria of quality, innovation and pertinence. The pre-publication process is brief due to online submission. Moreover, Odovtos-Int. J. Dent. Sc. is an Online-First Journal, which allows frequent publication in Internet according to Open Access Initiative, favoring the diffusion of its content.

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Knowledge of Parents about Bruxism in their Children

Calıskan DDS, PhD S., Delikan DDS, MDs E., Ozcan-Kucuk DDS, MDs A.

Impact of Two Distinct Dental Anesthesia Simulation Models on the Perception of Learning by Students

Merino-Parra DDS J., Madrazo-Meneses DDS R., Komabayashi DDS, MSc, PhD T., Cerda-Cristerna DDS, MSc, PhD B.

Estimation of the Chronological Age Through the Methods of Demirjian and Ubelaker in Peruvian Children

Pachas Vásquez DDS A., Suárez Ponce DDS, MSc, PhD D., Evaristo Chiyong DDS, MSc, PhD T.

Color Change of Different Dual-Cure Resin Cements After Thermocycling

Atay DDS, PhD A., Palazli DDS Z., Gürdal DDS I., Üşümez DDS, PhD A.

Nutritional and Oral Health Conditions in High School Students

Aguilera-Galaviz MSc, PhD L., Hernández-Vázquez DDS B., Frausto-Esparza DDS S., Díaz-Rosas DDS, MSc C., Gaitán-Fonseca MSc, PhD C.

Infiltrants for Aesthetic Treatment of White Spots Lesions by Fluorosis: Case Report

Pomacóndor-Hernández DDS, MSc, PhD C., Hernandes da Fonseca DDS, MSc, PhD N.

Bulk-Fill Composite Restorations Step-by-Step Description of Clinical Restorative Techniques Case Reports

Vasconcelos Monteiro DDS, MS, PhD Studen R., Cavalcanti Taguchi DDS, MS, PhD Student C., Gondo Machado DDS, MS, PhD R., Batalha Silva DDS, MS, PhD S., Karina Bernardon DDS, MS, PhD J., Monteiro Junior DDS, MS, PhD S.

Does Sterilization Affect the Push Out Bond Strength of Experimental Dentin Posts?

Tulga DDS, PhD A., Ayşe Şanal DDS, PhD F., Ömür Dede DDS, PhD D.

Restorative Rehabilitation of a Patient with Generalized Non-Carious Cervical Lesions: Case Report

Zúñiga-Castañeda DDS, MSc R., Ortiz-Magdaleno DDS, MSc, PhD M., Uribe-Trancoso DDS R., Goldaracena-Azuara DDS, MSc M., Romo-Ramírez DDS, MSc G.

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