New Perspectives Article

Is Mineral Trioxide Aggregate a Bioceramic?

Josette Camilleri DDS, MSc, PhD

13-17 |

From MTA to New Biomaterials Based on Calcium Silicate

Mario Tanomaru DDS, MSD, PhD, Raqueli Viapiana DDS, MSD, PhD, Juliane Guerreiro DDS, MSD, PhD

18-22 |

Color Selection and Reproduction in Dentistry. Part 1: Fundamentals of Color

Max Schmeling DDS, MS, PhD

23-32 |

Clinical Case Reports

An Unusual Presentation of Clear Cell Odontogenic Carcinoma: Case Report

Lida Velazque DDS, MSc, Carlos Claudio DDS, MSc, PhD, Roger Pfuro

33-39 |

Literature Review Articles

Management of Temporo-Mandibular Disorders in children and adolescents: A literature review

Miguel Rosales ME, José Garrocho DC, María Ruiz MC, Raúl Márquez MC, Amaury Pozos PhD

41-48 |

Original Clinical Research Articles

Use of Dental Volumetric Tomography for Dental Phenotyping In Amelogenesis Imperfecta

Gina Murillo DDS, MSc, Carla Cob DDS, Natalia Mena DDS, Angie Valverde DDS, Belén Barrantes DDS, Ana Berrocal DDS, OMR, Sandra Silva MQC, MSc

83-91 |

Original Basic Research Articles

Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Calcium Hydroxide Promotes In Vivo Intratubular Mineralization

Jessie Reyes-Carmona DDS, MSD, PhD, Adair Santos PhD, Mabel Cordeiro DDS, PhD

49-59 |

Effect of Activation Mode on Flexural Strength and Elasticity Modulus of Dual Cure Resin Cements

Isadora Guimaraes DDS, MSc, PhD, Fabian Murillo DDS, MSc, Mario De Goes DDS, MSc, PhD

61-71 |

Influence of Irrigating Solutions on Push-Out Bond Strenght of Intraradicular Posts to Dentine

Mohammad Kaif DDS, Raj Bis DDS, MSc

73-81 |