The Mesoamerican Agronomy journal began in 1990, as an informative organ of the Central American Cooperative Program Society for the Amelioration of Crops and Animals (PCCMCA, for its acronym in Spanish). The magazine delivered its first volume during the XXXVIII Annual Meeting of the PCCMCA in 1990, and it has been issuing volumes for the last twenty-eight years. It was initially published in a printed version (ISSN Printed: 1021-7444), an issueper volume, then in 1996 the issues increased by two issues per volume. From 2002 to 2008 the optical disc version (CD) (ISSN 1659-1321) was included, in order to distribute it among the participants at each annual meeting of the PCCMCA. In 2013, a digital format (electronic ISSN: 2215-3608) was included. All works published since 1990 have their respective Digital Object Identifier (DOI), and are available in the electronic magazine version.

Nowadays, thanks to the progress of the media and the international impulse to increase access to scientific research, and in order to have a greater diffusion and a transfer of knowledge, it is unnecessary to maintain a printed version of this journal. The magazine is available on the web and it has an open access, as a consequence of the aforementioned, from the 28th volume on, this magazine will be issued only in an electronic version, with every electronic issue a contribution to the environment will be accomplished, by reducing a significant use of paper, inks, electric energy and fuels, which were used on every printed issue, and used when the printed issues were sent to libraries, databases and subscribers.

This new period of the journal, also brings as a novelty the coalescence of a third issue, the introduction of a third issue is a response to the increment of research papers that reach the magazine’s editing process. The objective is that starting with the third issue of 2017 a "continuous publication" system will begin, implying that the works will be published as they are approved, and a issue of the magazine will be formed every quarter. The periodicity of the journal will be understood as follows: the first issue will cover from January to April, the second issue will cover from May to August, and the third issue will cover from September to December.

The magazine’s design will also undergo changes. The current page design of to two columns will transform into a one column design. This modification is done thinking about the magazine’s readers, in order to facilitate the study of the published articles on their computers and mobile devices, in addition, the magazine, in an effort to have greater diffusion and access, will maintain the three different publication versions available ( PDF, HTML and EPUB).

The performed changes will not detract from the scientific quality of the researches, since every research will maintain  the same scientific rigor regarding the editing process, this editing process will be done in strict adherence to the instructions given to the authors and the Code of conduct and best practice guidelines for COPE Publishers (Committee on Publication Ethics), which is based on the promotion of research integrity and publication (https://publicationethics.org/resources/code-conduct)

The initiatives taken by the editorial board of this journal constitute an effort to maintain a constant improvement of the magazine and also seek access to the best international indexes, this evolution will support authors by reducing the time of publication of their valuable scientific works submitted to editing process of this magazine, and also will allow the improvement of the global diffusion of the submitted papers; In addition, this effort also seeks to improve the international positioning of Costa Rica’sUniversity , an institution that since 1992 assumed its edition and its worldwide distribution, and that has continued its improvement in quality and punctuality since then.


Rodolfo Araya Villalobos

Chief Editor


Nancy León Ulate

Associate Editor