The experiment was carried out at the Experimental

Station “Alfredo Volio Mata” of the University of

Costa Rica. It is located to an altitude of 1542 m. We evaluated

growth and quality of the white corn hybrid 3002 W

(Pioneer) recommended for the high elevation areas of the

province of Cartago, Costa Rica. Dry matter yield per hectare,

dry matter content, crude protein, ashes, neutral detergent

fiber and its fractions as well as digestible energy were determined

from 70 to 154 days of growth. Corn ears started to

appear at day 84. Crude protein and digestible energy were

high until day 84 (>12% CP and >2,8 Mcal DE/kg DM) and

became lower after day 112 (> 9% CP and >2,3 Mcal DE/kg

DM), with less than 15% dry matter which is not recommended

for ensiling. At 126 days of growth it yielded 17,9 t of

dry matter per hectare with 20% dry matter content, 7,9%

crude protein, 2,2 Mcal ED/kg DM, 76% neutral detergent fiber

and 4,8% lignin.