The National Research Institute of

Forestry, Agriculture and Livestock (INIFAP) and CIMMYT

have been working in some researches to support and

promote the intensive commercial use of new Quality Protein

Maize (QPM) hybrids and varieties. INIFAP since autumn .

winter season 1998/1999 in some different experimental

stations developed a seed production program, and

established 300 hectares. The results of this program were

530 tons of basic seed (500 t of seed of open pollinated

varieties and 30 t of parental seed of hybrids). Researches of

Seed Production obtained the complete information about

technology of seed production for each hybrid and parental

lines: best environment for seed production, detaseling,

flowering synchronization, fertilizer treatment. INIFAP

released twenty six varieties; and established a program of

seed production of the registered seed of the materials: H-

519C, H-553C, H-365C, H-363C, H-364C, H-367C, H-

441C, H-469C, H-551C, H-368C, HV-521C, V-537C, V-