The objective of this study was to detwermine leaching

losses of Ca, Mg, K and nitric N in banana soils. The work

was conducted between 2003-2004 in the Venecia Farm in

Matina, Limón, Costa Rica. Three nitrogen fertilizer sources

were used: urea (U), ammonium nitrate (aN) and ammonium

sulfate (HS). Sampling was conducted at a depth of 60 cm

using lysimeters and the volume of percolated water (D) was

calculated using the indirect method of soil water balance

(BHs). Irrespective of the sampling dates no statistical differences

were determined found for pH. The concentration of

calcium (Ca) in the leachate for different treatments during

different times of sampling, was not significant, but significant

differences were found between treatment with U with

respect to treatment of NA and SA. No differences between

the NA and SA or in the average concentrations of magnesium

(Mg) and potassium (K) in the leachate were observed.

In the case of nitric nitrogen, significant differences were

detected only between the NA regarding the U and SA, both

in general and between sampling dates.

Keywords: nitrogen sources, cation loss, soil nutrients fluctuation, soil nitric nitrogen.