The objective of this study was

to identify species of Meloidogyne associated with two fig

plantations in Costa Rica. On March 2012 in Pacayas, Cartago

province, root-galls were found in two fig plantations

of Ficus carica L. Females, egg-masses and juveniles (J2)

of Meloidogyne sp. were extracted from the galled roots.

Female perineal patterns were examined and second infective

stages were analyzed morphometrically and molecularly

by PCR-RFLP. The mitochondrial intergenic region (IGS)

flanked by the cytochrome oxidase subunit II gene (COII)

and the 16S ribosomal gene was amplified. The population

was identified morphologically, morphometrically and molecularly

as M. incognita. The PCR product obtained with

primers C2F3 and 1108 were 1.7 kb in size. When PCR products

were treated with restriction enzymes they generated

four fragments of 850, 450, 250 and 150 bp with AluI and

two fragments of 1300 and 400 bp with HinfI.

Keywords: root-knot nematode, perineal patterns, taxonomy nematode.