The aim of this study was to identify culinary practices associated with bean consumption in families from one rural population (Jesus of Atenas) and one urban (La Union of Tres Rios) of Costa Rica. The study was developed in 2005, in a sample of 475 families that usually prepare and eat beans (223 rural and 252 urban). In this families, the person responsible for the preparation of food was interviewed. The study showed a per capita beans consumption of 37.5 g/person/day (g/p/d) of raw weight. This consumption differs by geographic condition, being higher in rural area (46.8 + 25 g/p/d) than in urban areas (37.5 + 23 g/p/d) (F= 18.031, p= 0.000). The factors that were associated with consumption are different by area; in the rural area the factors were some characteristics of the person preparing bean, some preparation practices and the reasons manifested for consumption, whereas in urban areas the associated factors were only related to preparation practices.

Keywords: food habits, geographical area, rural, urban