Gramineous herbicide evaluation for controlling (Paspalum fasciculatum Wild.) in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis).


  • O. Fernández Programa de Investigaciones en Palma Aceitera, A. S. D de Costa Rica
  • R. A. Ortíz Programa de Investigaciones en Palma Aceitera, A. S. D de Costa Rica



Bullgrass (Paspalum fasciculatum wild.) is one of the most prevalent weeds in the oil palm crop. The objective of the experiment was to compare its control with five herbicides. Three experiments were conducted to evaluate the herbicides haloxyfop-methyl (Galant 240 y Galant 75), fenoxaprop-pmethyl (Excel) and fluazifop-butyl (Fusilade II) at the rates of 50, 75, and 100 g ai/ha-1 and glyphosate (Round up) at the rate of 960 g ai/ha-1 during the first experiment; Galant 240, Galant 75 and Fusilade II at 100 g ai/ha-1 during the second experiment; Galant 240, Fusilade II at the rates of 75 and 100 g ai/ha-1 and glyphosate at 960 g ai/ha-1 during the third trial. A Completely Randomized Block design with four replications was used. Galant 240, Galant 75, and Fusilade II showed the best results as measured by weight of fresh weed, number of affected nodes (herbicide transport), and weed control efficiency percentage. Galant 240 at 100 g ai/ ha-1 was the most profitable option.


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