In order todetermine the effect of pre-packaging treatments on the finalquality of Dracaena marginata cane for export, we performeda simulation of post-harvest shipping conditions and thefollowing effects on root and leaf damage were evaluated:wet vs. dry leaves, hydrated vs. non-hydrated plants beforepackaging, waxed vs. unwaxed leaves, cytokinin vs nocytokinin application prior to harvesting, plants that kept thealuminum vs. plants in which the aluminum was removedfrom the air-layer before covering with black plastic.Regarding root damage, wetting the plants before packaginggave better results than not doing it, except when comparedwith the application of wax or citokinins. Hydrating theplants before packaging increased the number of burnedleaves in comparison with the other treatments. Applyingwax to the leaves significantly increased the number oflost and rotten leaves, when compared with the rest of thetreatments. Citokinin application before harvesting andwetting the leaves before packaging, improved the conditionof the leaves compared to the control. No difference in rootdamage was caused by removing or leaving the aluminumon the air-layer.
Keywords: Post-harvest treatment, ornamental plants, cytokinins, antitranspirant wax.