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Agronomía Mesoamericana journal is a periodical publication (January-April, May-August and September-December) edited in the Universidad de Costa Rica, its objective is to disseminate scientific information through the publication of articles, short communications, technical notes and literature reviews, related with food and agriculture sciences from anywhere in the world, emphasized in tropical and subtropical zones, especially from Mesoamerica and the Caribbean. 


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Mealybugs (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) and their impact on the Musaceae crop

Palma-Jiménez M., Blanco-Meneses M., Guillén-Sánchez C.

Polyethylene glicol 8000 to identify corn tolerant to water stress during germination

Rangel-Fajardo M., Gómez-Montiel N., Tucuch-Haas J., Basto-Barbudo D., Villalobos-González A., Buros-Díaz J.

Genetic analysis of tropical Beauveria and Metarhizium associated with sugar cane insects

Vargas-Martínez A., Salazar-Blanco J., González-Herrera A., Molina Bravo R.

Antibiosis of proteins and metabolites of three species of Trichoderma against paraguayan isolates of Macrophomina phaseolina

Cubilla-Ríos A., Ruíz-Díaz-Mendoza D., Romero-Rodríguez M., Flores-Giubi M., Barúa-Chamorro J.

Economic analysis of bean market grain in Mexico

Guzmán-Soria E., de la Garza Carranza M., García Salazar J., Rebollar Rebollar S., Hernández Martínez J.

Genetic, chemical and agronomical characterization of husk tomato advanced lines

González-Chavira M., Guzmán-Maldonado S., Pons-Hernández J., Villalobos-Reyes S., Gónzalez-Pérez E.

Adaptation of ten cultivars of Lolium sp. in the high tropic of Nariño, Colombia

Cadena-Guerrero M., García-Dávila M., Meneses-Buitrago D., Morales-Montero S., Castro-Rincón E.

Factors that affect the production in first lactation of dairy cattle of Costa Rica

Castillo-Badilla G., Vargas-Leitón B., Hueckmann-Voss F., Romero-Zúñiga J.

Organic selenium supplementation in layer hens and its transfer to the egg

Rodríguez-Alfaro M., Salas-Durán C., Orozco-Vidaorreta C.

Effect of crossbreeding on growth characteristics in zebu cattle of Chorotega region

Madrigal-Valverde M., Camacho-Sandoval J., Salas-Durán C.

Sustitution of Megathyrsus maximus grass by square guineo and urea in silage mixtures

López-Herrera M., Rojas-Bourrillon A., Briceño-Arguedas E.

Assessing gene action for hypoxia tolerance in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Hussain A., Ullah Zafar Z., Athar H., Farooq J., Ahmad S., Nazeer W.

Use of Ecosystem-based Adaptation practices by smallholder coffee farmers in Central America

Chain-Guadarrama A., Martínez-Rodríguez R., Cárdenas J., Vílchez Mendoza S., Harvey C.

Disinfection effect of nodal segments from Vanilla planifolia Andrews on the morphogenetic response of in vitro plants

Azofeifa Bolaños J., Rivera-Coto G., Paniagua-Vásquez A., Cordero-Solórzano R., Salas-Alvarado E.

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