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Agronomy Mesoamerican journal is a continued publication with shutdowns in January, May and September. Edited in the Universidad de Costa Rica, its objective is to disseminate scientific information in Spanish or English language, through the publication of articles, short communications, technical notes and literature reviews, related with food and agriculture sciences from anywhere in the world, emphasized in tropical and subtropical zones, especially from Mesoamerica and the Caribbean. 




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Pesticide residues in blackberries (Rubus glaucus Benth.) in the Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Lagos-Alvarez Y., Díaz-Ramírez L., Melo-Velasco J., Hurtado Bermudez J.

Compositional quality of the silage of three cultivars of corn (Zea mays) from the Colombian high tropics

Mancipe-Muñoz E., Castillo-Sierra J., Vargas-Martínez J., Avellaneda-Avellaneda Y.

Rural agro-industrial enterprises diversity: typologies of panela production in Huila, Colombia

Polo-Murcia S., Rodríguez-Borray G., Cruz-Castiblanco G., Tauta-Muñoz J., Huertas-Carranza B.

Estimation of soil moisture through multiple linear regressions in Llano Brenes, Costa Rica

Palominos-Rizzo T., Villatoro-Sánchez M., Alvarado-Hernández A., Cortés-Granados V., Paguada-Pérez D.

Bud rot evaluation in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) using multispectral imaging, Costa Rica

Alemán-Montes B., Henríquez-Henríquez C., Largaespada-Zelaya K., Ramírez-Rodríguez T.

Benefits of the inoculated canavalia intercropped with mycorrhizal fungi and Rhizobium in Coffea canephora

Bustamante-González C., Ferrás-Negrín Y., Hernández-Forte I., Rivera-Espinosa R.

New bacteria genera associated with rice (Oryza sativa L.) in Cuba promote the crop growth

Hernández-Forte I., Pérez-Pérez R., Taulé-Gregorio C., Fabiano-González E., Battistoni-Urrutia F., Nápoles-García M.

Physicochemical and sensory characteristics of whole, skimmed and lactose-free goat and bovine milks

Álvarez-Figueroa M., Pineda-Castro M., Chacón-Villalobos A., Cubero-Castillo E.

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