Since the Chibchan family was firstestablished by Max Uhle in 1888, various researchers have suggested relationships between Chibchan and other Amerindian languages and language-groupings. Many of these proposed relationships have involved Chibchan properplus one or more other languages orfamilies in a large Macro-Chibchan superphylum whoseostensi ble consti tution has expanded and contracted over the years. Other proposals have involved more distant relationships which link Chibchan or Macro-Chibchan to already established phyla. None of these proposals, however, has been rigorously supported by the type or amount of evidence usually required for demonstrating genetic relationship, which is to say, systematically established sound-correspondences as evinced by a suitably large number of probably cognate sets, as well as a clear determination of structural similarities in other grammatical subsystems, such as morphology and syntax (Thomason and Kaufman 1986).
Palabras clave: azteca, chibcha