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por leeuanna leeuanna leeuanna (2017-08-23)

DWTS corsets wholesale Season 24 Week 8 Costume Critique They were tailored and simple, and the trio coordinated well. Tailored and simple cannot be used to describe the last trio's Paso presentation, however. I generally enjoy detailed costumes, but... I thought that David with his divas (Lindsay and Hayley) were totally over costumed.

David's futuristic,wholesale christmas costumes Deborah J. Nelson/Satin Stitches Ltd. yet Gladiator-esque outfit was overdone and was too costumey. (What was that weird towel-like accessory dangling from his belt?) Thankfully he was bronze instead of gold. The ladies liquid gold lame skirts were expected, but the scrolling appliqués that covered their entire torso and scrolled over their arms were more than 'a bit much'. Oh my! I was overwhelmed, and not in a good way. Next week, I hope to be excited by exquisite costuming, especially since I won't be able to see the show live. My first opportunity to witness the hoopla, will be several days later. Anticipation, anyone?

The opening number of Week wholesale halloween costumes 8 of 'Dancing with the Stars' paid tribute to "Hot Summer Nights" - a big plug for the upcoming summer tour for the show. This week each dancing couple performed double the dancing with Round 1 of 'Pro Picks' and Round 2 of 'Trio Dances'. Rashad and Emma started off the competition with matching Jive costumes. Both wore black sequined jackets, bejeweled neckties, white shirts and basic black pants. Emma wore leggings with Rashad in trousers with a sequined side stripe. Their costumes presented a good example of simple and slightly different boy vs girl costumes. They were adequate, matched the music OK, but nothing special. Normani and Val presented a Contemporary routine with exquisite costumes. They weren't at all glitzy, but very attractive and classy, with lots of fabric surface texture. All woven and a little raggedy in ivory and an earthy brown which correctly interpreted their music. I loved their costumes! Bonner and Sharna danced the Argentine Tango with Bonner in the requisite black shirt, black-ish (actually a deep green) vest and black trousers. Yawn. He looked manly and mainly pretty basic, except for his 'exciting' satin side stripes. Sharna added a deep green to her black costume, which was also pretty basic, yet classy costume. Simone and Sasha were foxy while dancing their Fox Trot. Sasha kept their costuming 'young' with wearing a short-sleeved white shirt with a mini 'sprinkle' print, worn with red suspenders, tight black pants and Keds. He was cute! Simone was elegant with her red fluid satin charmeuse high-low skirt with an under layer of hot pink (one of my favorite color combinations...a color combo that as a pre-adolescent, my mother forbad me to wear!) Her totally stoned red, halter bodice was tailored, feminine and classy. The costume was properly proportioned for her and I enjoyed this couple's costumes. Lindsay and David danced a Waltz in pastel pink. David's dusty pink suit featured pink rhinestones on his lapels as well as scattered on his shoulders. It still reminded me a little too much of the 70's leisure suit for me to totally embrace it. Lindsay was luscious in her double-georgette, woven gown with 3-D flower appliqués and stone trimmed lace floral bodice adornments. Her 'garden party' dress was feminine and demure - it was beautiful. Then for the second section of the show, Rachad was paired with Emma and Witney for their Tango Trio. The choice of colors was fun, with Rachad in gray, contrasting with mirror-imaged white and black costumes for the ladies. I loved his darker shirt and totally blinged out lapels and necktie. One of my pet-peeves was the design feature for the ladies, with a bodice design that 'floated' on skin-toned mesh. Lots of scrolling tattoo-like, lace appliqués wound around an arm and connected the parts of their costumes. Seeing the nude mesh seams at their sides was a little weird - I know they were needed, but at first glance seemed a little like skin wrinkles! Normani then danced the Jive with Val and Minnesota's Alan, with Val alluding to Alan being a Pro next season. I hope so! The guys started off with miss-matched cowboy shirts (OK, just solid dark denim for Val and plaid for Alan), jeans, and belts with buckles. By the end of the dance, they were shirtless. Normani wore Daisy Dukes with a bejeweled bandana printed halter top. Her accessories included red fringed boots. Their costumes were OK, but nothing special, but worked for their routine. Bonner and Sharna were joined by Britt for a Jazz routine. The ladies wore short, deeply side-slit A-line plaid mini-skirts with sheer white tops over a lacing lingerie Teddy. They achieved the sexy look they were going for. I didn't like Bonner's baby blue suit which featured skinny dark piping. It didn't look debonair, but looked too costumey for my taste. It looked cartoonish - I didn't like it at all. Simone, Sasha and Brittany danced a 'skirt swinging' Paso Doble, all in gunmetal. Sasha wore a leather-looking short jacket and sash to coordinate with his black jeans while the ladies wore rhinestoned bra-tops with rhinestoned briefs with their cape-like back skirts.

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