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Wholesale Fashion Dresses for Women

por leeuanna leeuanna leeuanna (2017-08-23)

DWTS long gown dress Season 16: Week 4 Costume Critique It's just not right! Other than this flaw, the costume was attractive. Gleb wore a debonair tuxedo, but shed the jacket to show off a sleeveless white shirt, and then shed the shirt. No, he didn't distract me from noticing that Lisa hadn't been able to practice much this week. I can't say that I'll miss her next week, but I do hope she is recovering her health. I enjoyed the additional performances during the Results Show. Did you notice the lovely straps on the young lady featured on the 'Stars of Dance' spotlight? Need I say more? And I was very appreciative of Jennifer Lopez's classy nude/sheer black lace gown. If you have been reading my blogs for a few years, you know she has worn some really bad costumes – most of them being tasteless nude concoctions!

I love swimwear manufacturer matching costumes and you know I hate nude elastic straps. The start of the Results Show, showcased all the pro women wearing the SAME lovely red costume with real straps. Exquisite! I just had to get that off my chest and into this blog…

The "Best Year Of Your Life" inspiration seemed costume manufacturer to be a good way to showcase lots of emotions on this week's Dancing With the Stars. Yes, a little sappy, but it seemed to work – it ‘fills' the show. Personally, the ‘fill' allows me to take notes, check my email, grab a snack, or get my dishes washed etc. After all, I'm in front of my television for the costuming! Who's costuming did I love or hate this week? I loved Peta's Viennese Waltz gown with the artistic placement of all the beaded appliques. Did you notice all the sheer mesh on many of the costumes this week, for keeping the costumes tight to the body? Her light blue chiffon skirt was luscious. I wasn't impressed with Sean's gray collared vest and trousers with French Blue shirt. I didn't look like a dance costume, just a boring semi-formal prom outfit.

I loved Lindsay's Paso Doble costume with the shoulder-covering sleeves with fabulous detailed appliques. I loved the fluid charmeuse, lined cape-skirt with the lovely lines of her leotard-cut panty, instead of the currently popular boy-shorts.

I'm going to get on my soapbox now...I am SO tired of the boy-shorts leg-line. At Satin Stitches, we have been creating dance team costumes with boy-shorts now, for high school, college and pro-dance/cheer teams for nearly 20 years. We've been creating the currently over-popular biketard for nearly as long. It used to be 'edgy', now it's just boring. Before the 'new' boy-cut leg-line (and the more current retro 1940's-1950's bathing suit leg-line which cuts off the leg, we designed leotard legs with modest cut, a modified French cut, and the very high French cut – popular in the 1980's.

Why am I really tired of boy-shorts? They cut off the leg and make them appear shorter. It's just another phenomenon that starts as a fad and becomes the fashion for an extended time, for no particular reason. People latch onto it, and don't let it go. Well, I'm totally ready for recycling to the French cut leg-lines!

Oh yes...Victor, who danced with Lindsay. I'm off my soapbox now! Victor started out with the cliché satin boxer cape. He soon shed his cape and danced in his bare-naked chest, trousers and a textured deep red cummerbund. I didn't love his look, but it complimented Lindsay's dynamite costume.

I hated Karina's costume, except for how it looked from the front. The ruching and the faux Fortuny pleating of the skirt were pretty. But, when dancing, the side view was HORRIBLE. Of course she was belted AGAIN, at her natural waistline, and the sides and back of her costume skirt were cut extremely low. Again, the front of her bodice stopped at the side, with an ugly nude elastic strap that was shown to be extremely unattractive with her back cowl drape flipping up to expose the mess of a back. Jacoby wore a traditional taupe/gray dance vest and trousers with white shirt and pink patterned tie. Attractive but boring.

This week, the costume designers got it totally right! Alexandra's cranberry colored, Contemporary costume was fabulous. It was flattering and styled for a young dancer. It was the second girl costume that I gave a BIG TEN, this week (Lindsay and Kellie's costumes are the other two). It was young and hip, yet sophisticated. The asymmetry was beautiful and extremely flattering. The off-set leg opening in the short, flirty, double-layered chiffon skirt was perfect. The costume had just the right amount of embellishment for a fresh, uncomplicated look. BUT, then I hated Mark's lack of a costume. Yes, I understand that it is indicative of a Contemporary look, I'm just not a fan.

Andy wore the most attractive vest and trousers outfit this week, with his brown double-breasted vest with mitered stripes on the back. Sharna's Viennese Waltz gown was created in a pretty print. The design was very contemporary with the corset-looking midriff section, and very flattering and attractive.

The shiny, stiff and boxy gold lame jacket that Zendaya was wearing at the start of her Samba horrified me. She seemed way too small for such a bulky look. I was happy to see her remove it, almost immediately. Her feminine-yet tailored, tucked in white blouse with mesh flutter sleeves paired with high-rise black trousers was a modest, yet very retro/current, look that many women could wear. Val's open black shirt and black trousers coordinated nicely with Zendaya.

Ingo and Kym presented as a wedding couple. Kym wore her best look, yet this season. Her 'wedding' dress was fresh and dainty, and very feminine. I loved the back with roses at the belt, set at her natural waistline and open, with only an elastic strap at her shoulder, to hold it in place (it wasn't noticeable or distracting). The elegant, white embroidered woven fabric had a hint of yellow in it. The ruching and petticoat added to the elegant wedding aura. Ingo wore all white for their Viennese Waltz, looking dapper, but he seemed to be too tall and lanky to be clothed in all that white.

DL was very dapper, in his traditional black dinner jacket tuxedo ensemble for his Fox Trot. I give much higher marks for his look over Ingo. I really disliked Cheryl's costume. Her metallic tissue lame (a sheer, non-stretch stiff fabric) was trying to mold to her body. It doesn't mold well. The ruching at her hipline added too much bulk to the dress. The criss-crossing drape on her bodice was bulky. Then a wide band of mesh was sewn from her waist to her drop-waisted skirt, to hold the dress on. This dress was just not very flattering.

Kellie was exquisite in her white Rumba costume. The soft, woven, semi-sheer double-georgette skirt was tucked to shape over her hips. It was classy and not bulky. The sweetheart neckline with ruffled edging and ruffled straps was sweet, yet sexy. It was a perfect costume! I even liked Derek's outfit, even though it was a simple shirt and pant. It was made special because of the fabric. The white open shirt and khaki-colored pant were made of linen, a wonderfully textured/wrinkled fabric. His look was very classy.

Gleb didn't have to dance alone, after all. Lisa was able to perform, even though she had not been able to get much practicing in, this week. Wedding was the theme for their Cha Cha. Lisa posed in a pretty hideous, white tear-away wrap-dress. Thankfully, she danced out of it immediately, wearing a fuchsia costume with beaded fringe. The midriff section was made of non-sheer nude fabric, which is fine, except that the deep V was cut way too low in the back. As I've mentioned before...there should NOT be nude fabric in areas where you are trying to give the illusion that this area is naked.

I look forward to better costumes and better dancing next week, how about you?

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