Just Baked

Detailed information for authors

Pensar en Movimiento provides authors the opportunity to publish their manuscripts shortly after they have been accepted in the peer-review process, before they undergo the normal process of copyediting and layout, which can speed up their release to the scientific community anywhere from four to six weeks. To sign up for this option, it is mandatory to complete all the legal requirements of the Journal. In addition, express approval must be stated and a PDF version of the accepted manuscript must be submitted. This version will be published within one week of submission. Meanwhile, the manuscript will continue its normal process until the production of galley proofs, to be approved by the authors. At that point, the official, final version of the manuscript will replace the Just Baked version in the electronic version of the Journal. From this final, official version, we will also produce html, xml, and other future format files.

The authors of each Just Baked manuscript are fully responsible for its contents and formatting, therefore, the PDF file must be prepared with great care and be submitted in its final, clean version. The file must have all the references in the correct format, including the corresponding DOI for each reference (when available), or a direct access URL when a DOI is not available. Any errors detected in a Just Baked manuscript will only be corrected in the final, official version. Pensar en Movimiento does not recommend to publish this way when there is a pending patent application at the time of acceptance, or if a permission or license to reproduce previously published material is yet to be received. If an author chooses not to publish as Just Baked, his or her manuscript will not be published until the complete conventional process is finished.

Just Baked manuscripts are considered published as soon as they are posted on the journal website. However, this is not the official, final version of the manuscript; that will be the one after copyediting and layout. The original date of publication will be registered in the manuscript itself, and that will be the date when it was first posted on the journal website, be it in the Just Baked or the final, official version.

Any Just Baked manuscript can be correctly cited by other authors. For this purpose, they should use the assigned DOI and the legend "Recién Horneado version, published on DATE". Since this is not the final, official version, no page numbers should be cited. Because the DOI will remain the same when the final, official version replaces the Just Baked manuscript, citation will not be altered, even though the manuscript content may change slightly as a result of copyediting.