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A lot of talk about Arizona Being the new hot spot for skating. The matter is, it has always been a hot spot; itis just that new men and women are currently making their way around. If you look back over several decades, skateboarding in Arizona has been notable. what skateboard should i get

The '80s had JFA, Patty Sellers' ramp along with the Barecover contests you forgot about the one where Ken Park took a run in his ball hugger undies. 1 memorable contest of the era was Streetstyle in Tempe, where Neil Blender graffitialso did a choice and'd the wallride.

The '90s did H-Street with, and rolled in Colby Carter, many others and Chris Livingston. Then it was time for World Industries/Blind and two of Tim Gavin, Randy Colvin and the adored skaters. Presently, Rob Welsh, Ronnie Creager, Donny Barley,
Ernie Torres, Cody Boat, and ams from all over call the Phoenix area home for at least part of this year.

All the while, there've been lots of ditches, vacant pools, ledges, and banks for everyone to skate.


Cowtown Skateboards has numerous shops in the Phoenix area, and they cater well to the skaters' needs.

From the novice who needs to get up his first set into the expert who needs to receive one on charge and lost his board while in the PV--they can manage it. It is not easy putting on a contest, and they have done it. Just ask Marty Murawski, he has entered all of them.

THE Program

Past years' events were held at Desert West Skatepark. It is the oldest park in the Phoenix area, and it is not the best one -- pretty much a large area with a volcano and a few ledges around it, with that said.

However, this year's event took place in the Rio Vista Skatepark, in Peoria. The road course there is tightly-packed and fast-moving having an equal mixture of transition and road obstacles. The only additions were a fire hydrant and a plastic Jersey barrier.


There were more than 100 entrants, and only riders Using a recognized business sponsor were permitted to enter (so the guys who sail for Board Bro and The Shred Shed had to sit this one out).

John Goemann did backside tailslides around the Quarterpipe quicker than a 50-50 would be taken by many people. David Gonzales didn't quit skating the entire afternoon; when his name had been called to pick up his second place prize money, he was still rolling around.

The favorites of last year Lizard Adam and King Dyet had a little problem this season; neither made it. Adam was asserting food poisoning--something of a lousy roast beef sandwich--and that I overheard Lizard complaining about an inured knee (and that would be surprised, then triple kink rail from Lizard of Oz).

They Equally resisted the urge to pile out the rest of the weekend, and stuck around for suggestion. Lizard impressed with a backside 180 one-foot that was crowd-pleasing, and Adam would have taken it for sure if he had stuck the nollie Cab heelflip he tried.

Since Robbie Brockel threw the winning down Move early at the event, everyone had a good 25 minutes to step this up they can.

From He had been ready to take whatever it would give him although the looks of this was heading for a three lip. Several of the tre lip efforts ended in one almost, and switch hurricanes a noseblunt. His "go for this" approach got the best of him if he
scorpioned complete skateboard review.


I am not sure exactly when it happened, but ams Get paid. I guess that will make them semi-pro. I recall when ams have to turn down the cash so that they could remain an amateur and would put at a professional contest.

Not any longer, and I am convinced these guys are thankful for that because Circa set up two grand for first place, a grand for moment, and five hundred for third. I saw Nick Fiorini a couple of days and he already looked at a vehicle.

Zoo York threw another couple of Gs up to your best trick competition like Robbie Brockel is taking this summer off so it looks. I am sure there are people out there who are going to point out that there was a few potential nepotism happening, and that the winners of both the contest and trick were locals.

Well, I kinda doubt it. Nick Fiorini won and David Gonzales came in second, but I believe everybody that was pretty much guessed it could have went either way, when the results were called.

As far as best suggestion goes, a ideal 10-stair is fairly much the same where you move, and the audience was unanimous on this one.

And what was this--there wasn't any guy bowl that is old jam? I know, however, there are a couple of killer bowls in the Peoria skatepark And throughout the day various team managers could be caught by you Chet Childress sessioning the 'crete. Randy Colvin Was up in there; Jimmy Moore, once again, was a no show.

And come to think Of this, where were Colby Carter and Chris Livingston? When there'd been a bowl Contest Aaron Astorga could have won, Bruno Passos would have taken second Colvin, and location could have come in third.

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