Objective: To analyze the stage of readiness of the community of Concepcion de la Union, Cartago related to Childhood Obesity Prevention using the Readiness Community Model. Methods and data: We used a mixed research approach that included an in depth interview to 15 key informants from the community. Results from interviews were analyzed using Atlas Ti by using the method suggested by the TriEthnic Center for Prevention Research de Colorado State University. The method coded the key terms found in the interviews and assigns them some categorical values for the different dimensions of the model. Results: The community of Concepcion was found to be in a stage of denial that means a very little recognition that childhood obesity is a community problem. However this community shows that some of its community leaders are changing its knowledge through training on topics related to childhood obesity prevention. Conclusion: The stage of readiness of the community of Concepcion de la Union showed a very initial state that can be changed by providing information and training to its leaders on subjects related to the prevention of childhood obesity.

Keywords: prevention, childhood obesity, readiness stage, community diagnosis