Santa Cruz and El Gambute, two mangrove systems with associated tidal flats, were sampled in Coiba National Park, Coiba Island, Pacific of Panama. At each site, two samplings were done at low, middle and high intertidal levels in February and November of 1997. A new orbiniid species were found: Orbinia oligopapillata n. sp. is characterized by having 15-16 thoracic chaetigers with four or five rows of uncini and up to three papilliform postchaetal processes on neuropodial lobes by the abdominal parapodia bearing flail-tipped neurochaetae, and by the presence on anterior-most abdominal chaetigers of interramal cirri and a low number of subpodial and stomach papillae. A specimen belonging to genus Leitoscoloplos Day, 1977 is described as “Leitoscoloplos sp.”, characterized by the lateral pouches on its abdominal chaetigers, a unique case for the family because these brooding structures have only been previously cited in two species of Scoloplos. Naineris sp. is characterized by the number of its thoracic chaetigers, branchiae, uncini and bilobed abdominal neuropodia with protruding aciculae.