A comparative study of the leaf anatomy of the subtribe Conceveibinae was carried out. Leaves show a similar structural arrangement in all species, however, there are small variations among the taxa that allow definitions of species or groups. It is not possible to recognize infrageneric divisions or to maintain some genera as different from Conceveiba. The analysis included the study of 11 characters of taxonomic importance of the leaf: the form, the size and the apex of the papillae of the lower side of the blade, the number of layers of the palisade parenchyma, the presence or absence of the midrib pith, the number of vascular bundles of petiole as well as the central cylinder and the medulla, and the presence or absence of the sclerenchyma in the different levels of the petiole. The results are evaluated from a taxonomical point of view. With leaf anatomy characters only, it is possible to separate the genus Conceveiba in the subtribe.
Keywords: leaf anatomy, leaf, petiole, conceveibinae, conceveiba, euphorbiaceae