The collecting trips by Ørsted and Kröyer in Central and South America resulted in a series of papers by Grube, the Annulata örstediana which contained the proposal for seven genera and descriptions for 84 species. There are some problems dealing with the correct number of contributions, their publication dates, the correct citation for the authors for each species name and sometimes even for the type locality. In order to improve the current situation, we have consulted the original publications together with the corresponding collections. Our results indicate that there were only three parts in the series which were published in the journal, and repagination in reprints sometimes caused some further confusion. Additionally, we provided some review comments on the species current status and we added a short nomenclatural note on Hemipodus (Polychaeta: Glyceridae) trying to clarify the correct generic name and type species.
Keywords: taxonomy, nomenclature, marine invertebrates, hirudineans, sipunculans