The effect of tbree microalgae, Chaetoceros gracilis, Isochrysis galbana, and Dunalliella sp. on the larval development of yellowleg shrimp Penaeus califomiensis, was evaluated in the Oyster Production Center of Bahia Kino, Sonora, México. The effects of each microalgae (1) individually, (2) combined and (3) mixed with Artemia nauplii (from zoea 1lI stage), were considered. Twenty four experimental units (three 16.0 1 plastic bottles per treatment) were used. During the experiment temperature was mailltained around 25°C, and salinity around 35 ppt. The stocking density of nauplii was 50/1. The bes! survival was obtained with C. gracilis (55%), followed by the combination of C. gracilis and Dunalliella sp (48%). The worst survival was obtainéd in the !reatment with Dunalliella sp. An evident delay in the metamorphosis times was observed in treatments without C. gracilis. Significanl differences (p<0.05) in growth from zoea II stage were recorded in those treatments.