Bahía Culebra is located on the north Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It is a seasonal upwelling area, rich in marine ecosystems and organisms, and the main tourist development area in the country. Here, I compiled and analyzed a list of 182 publications in scientific journals, and 23 thesis, reports and books in which marine organisms, environments and marine and atmospheric processes from Bahía Culebra or in which the Bay are mentioned is presented and analyzed. The majority of the publications, starting with a paper from 1922 on a polychaete worm, are on biodiversity and ecology. The are no publications on some environments, for example the benthonic fauna of soft bottoms, or on some taxa, for example, flat worms. More work is needed on fisheries and management of the organisms and environments of Bahía Culebra.
Keywords: biodiversity, marine ecology, geology, oceanography, pollution, atmospheric sciences, bibliography, culebra bay, eastern Pacific, Costa Rica