In “Estación Biológica La Selva” (Sarapiquí, Heredia prov.), McPhail traps with torula yeast placed in a Psidium guajava L. plantation, yielded about 800 Anastrepha adults from April Ist, 1985 to May 31m 1986 (A. striata Schiner, A. obliqua Mcquart, A. limae Stone, A. distincta Greene, A. fraterculus (Wied.), A. manihoti Costa Lima and A. serpentina (Wied.). Besides, two species unrecorded for Costa Rica were also found: A. parishi and A. chiclayae (A. parishi on 27-V-85, 8-VII-85, 29-IV-86 and 23-V-86, according to the literature, this fly is chiefly associated with Myrtaceae, Norrbom 1985).