Scientific Research at Isla del Coco National Park and Adjacent Waters, Pacific Costa Rica.

Revista de Biología Tropical proudly presents the fourth Special Issue on Isla del Coco (Cocos Island) and its adjacent waters (see references below). This volume is the result of the Isla del Coco International Symposium, organized by the Center for Research in Marine Science and Limnology (CIMAR) of the University of Costa Rica. The symposium, held on February 13-15, 2018, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the creation of Isla del Coco National Park, and featuring experts from diverse fields coming from Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, México, United States and Venezuela. For this Special Issue, 35 manuscripts were received and, after peer review, 25 were accepted.

We are grateful to the participants of the symposium and especially to the contributors of manuscripts. As a result of the critical work carried out by 73 reviewers, we now have in our hands an issue that will advance the knowledge of the treasure that is Isla del Coco and its adjacent waters.

The production of this Special Issue has been possible thanks to the economic support provided by Universidad de Costa Rica, Undersea Hunter Group, and Costa Rica for Ever.


Research for decision-making in marine protected areas such as Isla del Coco, Costa Rica.

Iria S. Chacón, Fernando G. Soley

S1-S17 |

Additions to the lichen biota of Isla del Coco, Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

Loengrin Alfonso Umaña-Tenorio

S57-S72 |

Updated catalog of the vascular plants of Isla del Coco National Park

Armando Estrada-Chavarría, Joaquín Sánchez-González, Alexander Rodríguez-González

S73-S88 |

Dynamic and growth of the forests of the Isla del Coco National Park, Costa Rica

Rafael Bonilla-Mata, Luis Guillermo Acosta-Vargas

S89-S102 |

Aerial plankton from the Eastern Tropical Pacific

Darko D. Cotoras, Manuel A. Zumbado

S155-S162 |

Reproductive behavior, foraging and habitat use of Coccyzus ferrugineus (Cuculiformes: Cuculidae), Isla del Coco, Costa Rica.

Javier Tenorio, Carmen Hidalgo, Michel Montoya, Oscar Ramírez-Alán

S163-S176 |

Distribution of temperature and salinity during recent oceanographic campaigns in the Eastern Tropical Pacific of Costa Rica.

Rodney E. Mora-Escalante, Omar G. Lizano, Eric J. Alfaro, Alejandro Rodríguez

S177-S197 |

Numerical simulation of wave field around Cocos Island, Costa Rica.

Rodney E. Mora-Escalante, Juan Pablo Ureña-Mora

S198-S212 |

First report of marine luminescent bacteria and dinoflagellates from Isla del Coco National Park, Costa Rica.

Rebeca Rojas-Alfaro, Rodolfo Umaña-Castro, Norman Rojas-Campos, Maribel Vargas-Montero

S213-S224 |

Impact of El Niño 2015-2016 on the coral reefs of the Pacific of Costa Rica: the potential role of marine protection

Juan José Alvarado, Celeste Sánchez-Noguera, Gustavo Arias-Godínez, Tatiana Araya, Cindy Fernández-García, Ana Gloria Guzmán

S271-S282 |

La anémona de mar Exaiptasia diaphana (Actiniaria: Aiptasiidae) asociada a rodolitos en el Parque Nacional Isla del Coco.

Fabián H. Acuña, Jorge Cortés, Agustín Garese, Ricardo González-Muñoz

S283-S288 |

Independent evolutionary lineage of the clingfish Gobiesox adustus (Gobiesocidae) from Isla del Coco, Costa Rica

Eloísa Torres-Hernández, Isai Betancourt-Resendes, Píndaro Díaz-Jaimes, Arturo Angulo, Eduardo Espinoza, Omar Domínguez-Domínguez

S306-S319 |

Association of sharks with Las Gemelas Seamount and first evidence of connectivity with Cocos Island, Pacific of Costa Rica.

Elpis J. Chávez, Randall Arauz, Alex Hearn, Elena Nalesso, Todd Steiner

S320-S329 |

Residency of the whitetip reef shark (Triaenodon obesus) in Chatham and Wafer Bays, Isla del Coco National Park, Costa Rica.

Andrés López-Garro, Ilena Zanella, Geiner Golfín-Duarte, Maikel Pérez-Montero

S330-S339 |