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Vol 63, No 3 (2015) Is forest cover conserved and restored by protected areas?: The case of two wild protected areas in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica Abstract  PDF  HTML
J. Antonio Guzmán Q., Heiner Vega S.
Vol 64, No 2 (2016) Understanding trophic relationships among Caribbean sea urchins Abstract  PDF  HTML
Ruber Rodriguez Barreras, Elvira Cuevas, Nancy Cabanillas-Terán, Benjamin Branoff
Vol 63, No 3 (2015) Water pollution and distribution of the black fly (Diptera: Simuliidae) in the Atlantic Forest, Brazil Abstract  PDF  HTML
Tatiana N. Docile, Ronaldo Figueiró, Leonardo H. Gil-Azevedo, Jorge L. Nessimian
Vol 64, No 1 (2016) Morphoecology guild in beetles (Coleoptera: Passalidae) along an altitudinal gradient in oak forests of the Eastern Cordillera, Colombia Abstract  PDF (Español (España))  HTML (Español (España))
Carlos J. Moreno-Fonseca, German D. Amat-García
Vol 64, No 3 (2016) Understory bat roosts, availability and occupation patterns in a Neotropical rainforest of Costa Rica Abstract  HTML  PDF  Untitled  PDF
David Villalobos-Chaves, Jendry Vargas-Murillo, Emmanuel Rojas-Valerio, Brian W. Keeley, Bernal Rodríguez-Herrera
Vol 64, No 1 (2016) Reproductive system, mating behavior and basic ecology of an extremely rare tropical snail: Drymaeus tripictus (Stylommatophora: Bulimulidae) Abstract  PDF  HTML
Zaidett Barrientos
Vol 64, No 2 (2016) The diversity of ant communities (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and their connections with other arthropods from three temperate forests of Central Mexico Abstract  PDF  HTML
Rafael Guzmán-Mendoza, Gabriela Castaño Meneses, Hector Gordon Nuñez-Palenius
Vol 63, No 3 (2015) Distribution patterns of wild felids (Carnivora: Felidae) in the dry tropics of Central-Western Mexico Abstract  PDF (Español (España))  HTML (Español (España))
Juan Felipe Charre-Medellín, Tiberio Cesar Monterrubio-Rico, Daniel Guido-Lemus, Eduardo Mendoza
Vol 64, No 2 (2016) Spatial distribution and ecological structure of Thalassia testudinum (Hydrocharitaceae) in two reefs of Veracruz Reef System National Park, Mexico Abstract  PDF  HTML
Leonardo Arellano-Méndez, Javier Bello-Pineda, José A. Aké-Castillo, Horacio Pérez-España, Leonardo Martinez-Cardenas
Vol. 62, Supplement 1 (2014): Research in the Gorgona National Natural Park, Colombia Gorgona, Baudó and Darién (Biogeographic Chocó, Colombia): model ecoregions for coastal stream ecology studies Abstract  PDF (Español (España))  HTML (Español (España))
Juan F. Blanco, Camilo Escobar-Sierra, Juan D. Carvajal--Quintero
Vol 65, No 3 (2017) The effects of seasonality and precipitation in the avifauna of the Argentine Southern Chaco Serrano Abstract  PDF (Español (España))  HTML (Español (España))
Gustavo Alfredo Fava, Juan Carlos Acosta, Graciela Mirta Blanco
Vol 64, No 4 (2016) Seedling growth and survival of five tree species in secondary forests and adjacent pastures in the montane rain forests of Southern Costa Rica Abstract  PDF  HTML
Juan Manuel Ley-López, Gerardo Ávalos, Eduardo Chacón-Madrigal
Vol 64, No 4 (2016) Effect of a major highway on the spatial and temporal variation in the structure and diversity of the avifauna of a tropical premontane rain forest Abstract  PDF  HTML
Gerardo Ávalos, Esteban Bermúdez
Vol 62, No 3 (2014) Diversity, abundance and distribution of benthic macrofauna on rocky shores from North Sucre State, Venezuela Abstract  Sin título (Español (España))  PDF (Español (España))  HTML (Español (España))
Johanna Fernández, Mayré Jiménez, Thays Allen
Vol 64, No 4 (2016) Population structure and reproduction of a migratory fish Leporinus piau (Characiformes: Anostomidae) in a semiarid tropical reservoir, Brazil Abstract  HTML  PDF
Darlan Dantas Alves de Araújo, Jônnata Fernandes de Oliveira, Rodrigo Silva da Costa, José Luís Costa Novaes
Vol. 48 (1)March 2000 Caracterización fisicoquímica y biológica de la calidad de aguas de la cuenca de la quebrada Piedras Blancas, Antioquia, Colombia Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
José A Posada G., Gabriel Roldán P., John J Ramírez R.
Vol. 62, Supplement 2 (2014): Aquatic macroinvertebrates of Latin America Downstream effects of hydropower production on aquatic macroinvertebrate assemblages in two rivers in Costa Rica Abstract  PDF  HTML
Ramsa Chaves-Ulloa, Gerardo Umaña-Villalobos, Monika Springer
Vol. 49 (3-4) December 2001 Distribución espacial de Cordyceps spp. (Ascomycotina: Clavicipitaceae) y su impacto sobre las hormigas en selvas del piedemonte amazónico de Colombia Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
Tatiana Sanjuán, Luis Guillermo Henao, Germán Amat
Vol. 49 (2) June 2001 Ecología trófica y reproductiva de Trichomycterus caliense y Astroblepus cyclopus (Pisces: Siluriformes) en el río Quindio, Alto Cauca, Colombia Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
César Román-Valencia
Vol. 61 (2) June 2013 Diazotrophic bacteria isolated from wild rice Oryza glumaepatula (Poaceae) in the Brazilian Amazon Abstract  PDF
Paulo Ivan Fernandes Júnior, Gilmara Maria Duarte Pereira, Liamara Perin, Luana Mesquita da Silva, Alexandre Cardoso Baraúna, Francilene Muniz Alves, Samuel Ribeiro Passos, Jerri Édson Zilli
Vol. 51(1) March 2003 Relationships between necrotic cactus availability and population size in a cactophilic Drosophila (Diptera, Drosophilidae) located on a sandstone table hill in Brazil Abstract  PDF
E M Moraes, F M Sene
Vol. 49 (3-4) December 2001 Insectos asociados con flores de malezas del Jardín Botánico de Santiago de Cuba, con énfasis en Hymenoptera Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
José L Fernández T, G Garcés G., E Portuondo F., P Valdés T., I Expósito E.
Vol 63, No 2 (2015) Spatial and temporal distribution of Trichoptera (Insecta) larvae in the Manzanares river Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta (Colombia) Abstract  PDF (Español (España))  HTML (Español (España))
Daniel José Serna M., Cesar Enrique Tamaris-Turizo, Luis Carlos Gutiérrez Moreno
Vol. 61 (2) June 2013 Nutrient dynamics in forest plantations of Azadirachta indica (Meliaceae) established for restoration of degraded lands in Colombia Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
Claudia Patricia Flórez Flórez, Juan Diego León Peláez, Nelson Walter Osorio Vega, Manuel Fernando Restrepo Llano
Vol. 51(1) March 2003 Basic limnology of fifty-one lakes in Costa Rica Abstract  PDF
Kurt A. Haberyan, Sally P Horn, Gerardo Umaña V.
Vol 63, No 3 (2015) Interaction networks and the use of floral resources by male orchid bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Euglossini) in a primary rain forests of the Chocó Region (Colombia) Abstract  PDF  HTML
Rodulfo Ospina-Torres, Paula María Montoya Pfeiffer, Alejandro Parra-H., Víctor Solarte, Joel Tupac Otero
Vol 62, No 2 (2014) Phytoplankton variability in Lake Fraijanes, Costa Rica, in response to local weather variation Abstract  PDF
Gerardo Umaña-Villalobos
Vol. 48 (1)March 2000 Frequency and pathogenicity of fusarium wilts (Fusarium solani and Fusarium equiseti) of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) in Adamawa in Nigeria Abstract  PDF
I B Chimbekujwo
Vol 62, No 2 (2014) Demography of Caulerpa paspaloides var. wudermanni (Bryopsidales: Caulerpaceae) in the coastal zone of Campeche, México. Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
Sergio Armando Fuentes A., Margarita E. Gallegos, María C. Mandujano
Vol 64, No 1 (2016) Can anthropic fires affect epigaeic and hypogaeic Cerrado ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) communities in the same way? Abstract  PDF  HTML
Ernesto Oliveira Canedo-Júnior, Rafael Gonçalves Cuissi, Nelson Henrique de Almeida Curi, Guilherme Ramos Demetrio, Chaim José Lasmar, Kira Malves, Carla Rodrigues Ribas
Vol. 49 (1) March 2001 Composición florística y estructura de un bosque húmedo premontano en el Valle Central de Costa Rica Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
Alfredo Cascante M, Armando Estrada Ch
Vol. 49 (1) March 2001 Distribución espacial y temporal de poliquetos (Polychaeta) bénticos de la plataforma continental de Tamaulipas, Golfo de México Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
V Hugo Delgado-Blas
Vol. 53 (1-2) March - June 2005 A twelve-month field study of the West African Thrush Turdus pelios (Passeriformes: Muscicapidae). Part 2: annual cycles Abstract  PDF
Akinsola I Akinpelu
Vol. 48 (4) December 2000 Forager size of the leaf-cutting ant Atta sexdens (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in a mature eucalyptus forest in Brazil Abstract  PDF
Athayde Tonhasca Jr., Marcos Antonio Lima Bragança
Vol. 50 (3-4) December 2002 Population ecology and fishery of Cittarium pica (Gastropoda: Trochidae) on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica Abstract  PDF
Stefanie Schmidt, Matthias Wolff, José A Vargas
Vol 64, No 1 (2016) Relative abundance of the gray fox Urocyon cinereoargenteus (Carnívora: Canidae) in Veracruz central area, Mexico Abstract  PDF (Español (España))  HTML (Español (España))
Sonia Gallina, Paloma López Colunga, Carolina Valdespino, Verónica Farías
Vol. 48 (2-3) June 2000 Disparity, decimation and the Cambrian "explosion": comparison of eady Cambrian and Present faunal communities with emphasis on velvet worms (Onychophora) Abstract  PDF
Julián Monge-Nájera, Xianguang Hou
Vol. 50 (1) March 2002 Distribution of Micropogonias furnieri (Pisces: Sciaenidae) in the Sepetiba Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Abstract  PDF
Marcus Rodrigues da Costa, Francisco Gerson Araújo
Vol. 54 (2) June 2006 Estructura de tallas, madurez gonádica y alimentación del pez Diapterus rhombeus (Gerreidae) en el sistema fluvio-deltaico Pom-Atasta, Campeche, México Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
Arturo Aguirre León, Silvia Díaz Ruíz
Vol. 51 (3-4) December 2003 La comunidad de peces de la Laguna de Términos: estructura actual comparada Abstract  PDF (Español (España))  PDF
Luis Amado Ayala-Pérez, Julia Ramos Miranda, Domingo Flores Hernández
Vol. 46 (3) Setember 1998 AAlimentación y reproducción de Creagrutus brevipinnis (Pisces: Characidae) en Alto Cauca, Colombia Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
César Román-Valencia
Vol. 48 (1)March 2000 Reproduction, distribution and abundance of Bothus constellatus (Pisces: Bothidae), in the Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico Abstract  PDF
M Tapia-García, M C García-Abad, G Cerdenares Ladrón de Guevara
Vol 62, No 1 (2014) On Limnocytherina axalapasco, a new freshwater ostracod (Podocopida: Limnocytheridae) from Mexican crater lakes Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
Sergio Cohuo-Durán, Liseth Pérez, Ivana Karanovic
Vol. 51(2) June 2003 Afinidad ecológica y distribución actual de Primates (Cebidae) en Campeche, México Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
Eloísa Navarro Fernández, Carmen Pozo de la Tijera, Enrique Escobedo Cabrera
Vol. 56, Supplement 4 (2008): Aquatic ecosystems of Costa Rica V Aquatic insect diversity of Costa Rica: state of knowledge Abstract  PDF
Monika Springer
Vol. 60, Supplement 2 (2012): Bahía Culebra: scientific research of the marine and coastal zone Guanacaste, North Pacific of Costa Rica Bibliography on marine organisms, environments, and oceanographic and atmospheric processes in Bahía Culebra, north Pacific, Costa Rica (1922-2012). Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
Jorge Cortés
Vol. 57 (1-2) June 2009 Relationship between antophyte foliar morphology and abiotic factors in the main rainforests of Eastern Cuba Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
Eddy Martínez Quesada
Vol. 63, Supplement 2 (2015): Research on equinoderms in Latin America III Density, spatial distribution and mortality rate of the sea urchin Diadema mexicanum (Diadematoida: Diadematidae) at two reefs of Bahías de Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico Abstract  PDF  HTML
Julia Patricia Díaz-Martínez, Francisco Alonso Benítez-Villalobos, Antonio López-Serrano
Vol. 59 (4) December 2011 Prey selection by two benthic fish species in a Mato Grosso stream, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Abstract  PDF
Carla Ferreira Rezende, Rosana Mazzoni, Érica Pellegrini Caramaschi, Daniela Rodrigues, Maíra Moraes
Vol. 56, Supplement 4 (2008): Aquatic ecosystems of Costa Rica V Effect of methodology and sampling time on the taxa richness of aquatic macroinvertebrates and subsequent changes in the water quality index from three tropical rivers, Costa Rica Abstract  PDF
Thomas Maue, Monika Springer
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