This article presents the protocol for reconstruction of a fractured 2.1. in a 12 year - old patient with a loss of dental tissue high complexity, fractured teeth that involved enamel-dentin and dental pulp in the sub gingival mesial area as treated. An interdisciplinary treatment had to be carried out due to the complexity of the case. Crown lengthening procedure was made using an adhesives system and then a Filtek Z- 350(3M ESPE), using different shades. “free hand” and “silicon guide” technique (Putty Express™, 3M ESPE) were use for the reconstruction. The procedure was very time consuming due to the complexity at the case. The following steps were made: 1- past surgical control of the crown lengthening procedure, 2- adjustment of the crown margins, following its anatomical characteristics, of 2.1, 3- control of the periodontal tissues and the pulpotomy and orthodontic treatment.
Keywords: interdisciplinary relation, trauma, esthetic treatment, nano particle, composite resin, silicon matriz, free hand, Orthodontics