This work presents a bibliographic review of the silver scurf

disease and its causal agent Helminthosporium solani (Dur.

& Mont.) in potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.). The disease

has a worldwide distribution and for at least 15 year it has

acquired increasing importance as a limiting factor in the

production of these tubers. The review shows the economic

importance of the disease, its detection on tubers as well as

in the soil, and its isolation procedures. It also explains the

life cycle of H. solani, which is not completely known yet.

It also discusses the possibilities for controlling silver scurf

by the use of fungicides, tillage and cultivation methods in

the field, storage management, the use of antagonists, and

through the breeding of new cultivars.

Keywords: Solanum tuberosum, tubers, fungus, plant protection, plant breeding.