production was measured in living fences planted in 1980

with Cedrela odorata trees, with a plating distance of 17 m

between trees and under no subsequent management. Attacks

by the stem borer of the Meliaceae (Hypsilla grandella

Zeller) were evident in the bifurcation commonly observed in

most trees. The srudy was conducted at CIC-JAP La Fe,

Ilama, Santa Bárbara at 750 m elev., 14° 59’ N and 88° 31’

W, with an annual rainfall of 2.800 mm y-1. Soils are highly

fertile with high exchangable bases content, organic matter

and micronutrients, withouth pH problems and a slope that

varies from 10 to 20%. The trees benefited from weed control

and fertilization of the coffee plantation to which they grew

associated. Average IMA height and diameter of trees were

1.09 m and 3.77 cm, resoectively, which are considered high

and represent an average of 20 y., an a production of 35.164

wood feet and an income of Lps of 316.476,00 at 386.804,00

as wood price on the farm (Lps 9.00 a 11,00 wood feet),

which constitutes extra income that does not affect coffee

production and takes advante of the internal roads in the farm.