To verify the composition of

Colletotrichum lindemuthianum races in east of Antioquia,

12 differential bean varieties were used to characterize 15

isolates collected from naturally infected bean varieties.

Eleven races were identified among the 15 isolates

characterized, six of which (races 9, 131, 135, 139, 643, y

645) were characterized for the first time. In addition, we

evaluated 49 bean genotypes collected from the bean

genebank of CIAT and CORPOICA, as well as landraces

from farmers in producing. These genotypes were evaluated

under natural field conditions as well as in the greenhouse,

using races 651 and 653, previously identified as the most

virulent races from Antioquia. Only four genotypes

(AND1084, SUG130, LAS106 and Diacol Catio) were

resistant under both field and greenhouse conditions. These

genotypes can be used as parents in breeding programs to

introduce anthracnose resistant genes to bean genotypes with

commercial seed types.