The effect of covering
strawerry plants with anti-insect netting and polyethilene film
to hamper laying of beetles on the ground was evaluated from
April to November of 1998. The coverings were laid over the
plants from mid April to mid Juy of 1998, the period of adult
activity in the area. The anti-insect netting was laid
permanently over the plants and was only raised during the
day, twice a week (monday and thursday), por cultivation
labors. The ployethylene film was laid over the crop only at
night. The covered plots showed a lower number of grubs
(1.6 larvae/m2) a compared to the uncovered plots (23.7
larvae/m2). The protected plots lost between 9 and 11% of
their plants. The plots covered with the net showed 60%
more off-shaped fruits thant the unovered plots and
polyethylebe covered plots.