In order to widen the officials reports on dog feed trading, a data base was created including amounts, costs, package and formulas, for the period 1998 - 2000. Between 1995 - 1998, national production increased by 90.4% and imports for the period 1996 -1999 had a lesser increase of 42.6%. National production accounted for, in these years, 72% of the total tonnage and 70% of its value. It was not possible to determine which of feed package was most largely sold, but it is clear that pelleted products rank first and that the puppy – adults diets was mostly reported. 0fficial declarations to reporter formulas, lack information in order to make market surveys, suggests the need for better controls due, more guaranties belongs separately to puppies and adults stages. It is also worth mentioning that the guarantees registered report higher crude protein values with respect to AAFCO recommendations and that at least 36 formulas are recommended for specific sanitary conditions and have not been officially reported as such.