Puerto Rico reported several insects in soursop (Annona muricata L.) and avocado (Persea americana M.), but the principal pest was the fruit borer Bephratelloides cubensis (A.) and the trunk and twig borer Apate monacha (F.) in A. muricata and Pseudacysta persea (F.) in P. americana. The incidence of B. cubensis and A. monacha was evaluated on six selections of soursop and the incidence of P. persea in seven varieties of avocado. In A. muricata was observed a higher incidence of holes per fruit in IV-1, VII-14 selection and the selection IV-16 showed the lowest incidence of B. cubensis. The incidence of A. monacha in A. muricata showed more borers per tree in the IV-16, IV- 2, IV-3, VII-14 selections. From the commercial varieties of P. americana evaluated, the most planted varieties in Puerto Rico are Avila, Semil 34, Wilson Popenoe, Pollock, Candelaria, Semil 43 and Butler. The Avila variety had the largest number of eggs, female and males nymph of P. persea per leaf, compared to the other varieties. The Avila variety showed significant values (P≤0.01) of infested leaves per tree. Resulting with 90% of the leaf damage. In the evaluation there not observed lowest or none preference in the P. americana varieties.