Branches of mulberry and black sorghum fodder were harvested on the 84th and 77th day of growth respectively. Both kinds of forage were given to six Jersey steers, whose average weight was 337 (± 24.27) kg. The animals were distributed according to a repeated Latin square 3 X 3. The experimental treatments were: a. only mulberry, b. half mulberry and half sorghum, and c. only black sorghum. All the forage was freshly chopped (leaves and stems) and measured in equal parts. Each animal received 50 kg/day of fresh forage. The average leaf:stem ratio was 1.3 (±0.39) in the mulberry and .84 (± 0.26) in the black sorghum. Samples were taken of the forage given in the morning and that which was leftover from the next day in order to analyze the dry material, crude protein, neutral dtergent fiber and ashes. No significant differences (p>0.5) were observed in the fresh and dry matter intake (kg/animal/day) among the treatments. The dry matter intake for every 100 kg of body weight was 1.94% for the mulberry diet, 1.82% for the mulberry-sorghum mixture and 1.67% for the sorghum diet, all of which were less than the 2% expected.