Field studies were carried out during 1994 and 1995, in order to determine the impact of applying commercial foliar fertilizers on the ‘Clemson Spineless 80” okra fruit variety (Abelmoschus esculentus). Carboxy and Foltron applied on folliage, and Profit-G applied on the soil, as well as their combinations applied on fertilized soil were evaluated in 1994. Carboxy, Foltron and Mora-Leaf fertilizers were applied to folliage in high dosages and on non-fertilized soil during 1995. All plants were sprayed five times in 7 to 10-day intervals starting the first week of harvest. When compared to control plants, treatments applied during 1994 did not have a significant effect on fruit weight, fruit commercial yield and plant height. Treatments applied during 1995 did not influence plant height or fruit yield. The study proved that foliar fertilization does not have an impact on okra fruit yield.