Three hybrid trials (SC 9007, SC 9008, SC 9009) were evaluated in seven to eight locations in Mexico, Central and South America during 1990-91. Sixty-eight white hybrids were tested in SC 9007 and SC 9008, and 25 yellow hybrids in SC 9009 along with two local checks in each trial. SCll, SC12, SC57, and SC44 among whites, and SC67 among yellows were the most stable hybrids. SC07 (6.49 t/ha.), and SC57 (5.95 t/ha) were the highest yielding white hybrids from SC 9007, and SC9008 respectively. Among yellows, SC82 (5.94 t/ha.), SC80 (5.93 t/ha.), and scn (5.88 t/ha.) were the best performers. Maximum gains over the checks were observed in Cuyuta, Guatemala, and EEEJn, Costa Rica. In Honduras, however, the best hybrid was on par with the best local check hybrid. For Panama, the yellow hybrids, SC77, SC80, SC82 are promising. In Colombia, SC03, SCll, and SC57 among whites, were best adapted.