Twenty eight inter-crosses from a diallel set of 8 Dominican inbred lines of maize were evaluated in 1990. The specific objectives were to determine general(gca) and specific (SCA) combining ability and to predict the best two and three-way hybrids. The inheritance of yield was determined by diaIlel analysis. General and specific (sca) combining ability and specific mean squares were statistically significant in yield, being the additive genetic variation much larger than the non additive variation. The parental T66 and NO3 showed the highest gca values and DK12xT66 (9.02 t/ha),NO2xNO3 (8.57t/ha) and DK12xT66 (8.36 t/ha) the best  sca values. The results partially agree with previous studies. The best three and two way hybrids predictions were (NO3xT66)x NO3 and(NO2xT66) (NO3xDK14) with grain yield of 8.80 and 8.30 t/ha.