Impact of the pocket gophers in banana crops.


  • Javier Monge-Meza Uni­ve­rsi­da­d de­ Costa­ Ri­ca, Escue­la­ de­ Agronomía­, Ce­ntro de­ Inve­sti­ga­ci­one­s e­n Prote­cci­ón de­ Culti­vos



Vertebrate pest, rodent, distribution maps, Orthogeomys spp.


This document refers to the problem of gophers (Orthogeomys
spp) in banana cultivation in Costa Rica. Different literature
sources agree that this rodent causes significant damage to
this crop, which can reach 50% loss. By overlaying maps of
gophers distribution and the banana-producing areas, areas
of coincidence of the presence of some species of gopher
with banana production were identified. We analyzed the
characteristics of the banana agro-ecosystems and its impact
on the use of some signs that demonstrate the presence of
gophers, especially the mounds made by extending their tunnel
systems. Finally, we refer to various techniques that have
been used to control this rodent, as well as the importance
of addressing the current legislation, because even when the
gophers are considered pests, they are part of the wildlife,
which is protected.


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Monge-Meza, J. (2011). Impact of the pocket gophers in banana crops. Agronomía Mesoamericana, 22(1), 167–174.