The objective of this work was to
determine the effects of several fungicides on the control
of the soybean Asian rust. The experiment was conducted
at the experimental fi elds of the Faculty of Agronomy and
Veterinary Medicine, University of Passo Fundo, RS, Brazil,
during the summer of 2009/2010. The incidence and number
of ureides/cm2, transformed to severity (%) were evaluated.
The fungicides applied were tebuconazol and a mix of
epoxiconazol + piraclostrobina, at seven developmental
stages. Applications made before crop canopy closure were
more effective because the fungicides reached the lower
part of the plants where the disease starts. The mix of
traizol + estrobirulina was more effective tan triazol alone in
controlling soybean Asian rust.
Keywords: Applications programs, triazol, strobylurin.