A geophysical study of Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) was carried out in a sector where seven boreholes were made with available data of N number of blows from Standard Penetration Tests (SPT) in all of them, with the objective of determining soil stability and classification in a sector of some 10,000 m2 where a work of civil infrastructure is planned to be installed. The site is located south of 9 de Julio Department, in the province of San Juan, Argentina. Eight MASW were recorded, and S-waves´ 1-D profiles were calculated to depths near 30m at critical points of the study area.

The type of soil was determined with experimental data along with calculated values of VS. With available data of N and VS in three boreholes where both MASWs were carried out very close from each other, the law of variation of VS with N for each case was calculated through an adjustment algorithm, comparing the expressions with other ones already published. Finally, this equation was employed to calculate (predict) VS based on N for those boreholes where there were only data of N from SPT.