Since the beginning of the new millennium a new generation of photographers in China decided to take a journey in the reverse direction, to return from the Chinese big cities or from abroad and travel back to the places of their origin. Even though each of them developed their works with a personal approach and depicted particular scenes, they all focused on the same direction of their path: returning home.

I refer to photographers such as Zeng Han, Su Jiehao, Mu Ge, Zhu Lanqing, Zhang Wenxin and Zhang Xiao. Photographers with different origin and different age, who seem to have decided to undertake the same path.

I do not want to suggest a new pattern and neither introduce a new tendency in contemporary Chinese photography. But I want to show how these photographic works shared common intentions and feelings in a period of irrefutable changes.

Palabras clave: Chinese Photography, Return, Sense of place, Homeland, Urban development.