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Author Guidelines


June 2015


Revista Ingeniería-Journal of Tropical Engineering accepts manuscripts that are the product of original research projects in all fields of engineering. These manuscripts can be written in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese and should fit into any of the following categories:


Original articles: these are original manuscripts that contain relevant information obtained from research projects and are the product of a complex analysis of data or culminate in the development of a technological device.

Short communications: these manuscripts are short, highly-technical, informative and useful pieces of information directed to updating technologies, working protocols and approaches.

Reviews: these are complex summarized manuscripts that are the product of literature review and analyze the state of the art for a particular topic.




All manuscripts for publication consideration should be submitted through the journal platform of the University of Costa Rica. For this, corresponding authors should register first before starting the submission process.

The editorial office of the Revista Ingeniería-Journal of Tropical Engineering quickly checks all manuscripts for quality standards upon submission. When the manuscript topic is outside of the journal scope or manuscripts do not meet minimum standards, these are sent back to the author without peer review. When manuscripts meet both first requirements, they are sent to professionals in the same area, usually located outside of the country, who review the original version and make a recommendation to the editor. Independent of such recommendation, the final decision on one particular manuscript is responsibility of the editor on behalf of the editorial board. During 2015, the acceptance rate of Revista Ingeniería-Journal of Tropical Engineering has been close to 30%. Upon acceptance, manuscripts are sent to production and published in digital format first and, depending on their relevance, in printed form.



Format and presentation: The manuscript should be written in a concise and clear manner, should be organized in one column and divided in sections. All pages and lines should be numbered and should be written in the font Times New Roman, size 11 in a double space organization and contained within a maximum of 30 pages, letter sized. If the manuscript contains tables and figures, these should be submitted separately, properly identified in terms of desired placement, with clear captions and with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi in JPG format. All in text and reference citations should follow the Vancouver style ( All tables should be included only when including the information in the original text makes reading confusing. Also, figures should be included only if they are relevant. In both cases, captions should be included in a separate section after the reference section in the original text file under the title “tables and figures”

Use of SI: The International System of Units (SI) should be used across the original manuscript.

Authorizations of material use: It is complete responsibility of the authors to obtain written permission from copyright holders in case external material is included in the original manuscript.

Format: All documents should be written clearly and concisely and should be organized in sections according to the following parts:

Title of manuscript: should be clear, concise and descriptive. Also should be provided in the original

language and in English at the same time. This should not exceed fourteen words.

Authors and affiliation: the desired name for all authors should be expressed along with the location where the work was developed.

Abstract: this section should be written in the original language and in English at the same time and should be longer than 200 words.

Keywords: at least five, in the original language and in English at the same time.

Body: it is composed of introduction, methodology, results, discussion/conclusions, references and acknowledgements. The objective should be clearly stated in the introduction and the financial agencies should be included in the acknowledgements.

Equations, formulas, matrices and mathematical terms: these should be written using an equation editor. All the symbols used should be clearly defined. The difference between the uppercase letter o (O) and he number zero (0) should be clear. Also, the difference between uppercase i (I) and number one (1) should be recognizable. All equations should be left aligned and numbered in a consecutive manner with numbers aligned on the right within square brackets [] and not within parenthesis () used for references. It is recommended that matrices are designed with bold uppercase letters and vectors with bold lowercase styles.

Tables: to generate tables please use the options inlcuded in the word processor used. Lines will be placed once the paper is accepted. Do not repeat information in the text and use the format Table 1, Table 2, etc for captions. By default, authors are assumed to be the source of the information and thus no source line should be included unless the material comes from a different source.

Figures: these should have a clear and simple style. Please do not include graphs that were taken directly from a spreadsheet program and use any graphics program to generate higher quality versions. In the same manner as with tables, authors are assumed to be the source of the information. Please indicate clearly scale and units used as well as symbols and abbreviations. Use the style Fig. 1, Fig.2 within the text and for the captions the style Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.

References: Remember that the Vancouver style arranges references by appearance and not by alphabetical order. If your require help with this format, please visit a librarian before submitting your paper.

Symbols and nomenclatures: in some cases it is necessary to include a section before references in order to clarify the use of abbreviations and symbols within the manuscript. If you need to do so, please be clear and use a standard nomenclature.



Copyright Notice

Authors wishing to publish in this journal agree with the following terms:

A. Authors conserve the copyrights over their work and let the journal be the first publication venue for their manuscripts.

B. Authors agree with the Creative Commons Attribution License established by the journal which allows them to distribute their work by mentioning the initial journal where the work was published.

C. Authors can establish separate agreements for non-exclusive distribution of their work (i.e. work repository) by mentioning the journal as the initial publication venue.

D. Authors can store digital copies of the published work only upon acceptance of the manuscript.


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