The teaching- learning process involves also the evaluation, and it isn´t an easy task in Dentistry, especially in clinical processes. It could also be difficult to find out exactly if the proposed learning goals were achieved or not in the course. Next, the results of an experience about the application of an objective structured test are shown. This with the objective to prove it and use it in the future as an alternative evaluative method at the end of the course Restorative Clinic I from the Dentistry School in the University of Costa Rica. A group of students in the Restorative Clinical I, was selected, to which the test was applied. Ten stations clinics were developed for this purpose, each with items of different types in which the student should apply the knowledge he had acquired during his apprenticeship in the course. This article mentions the bases that motivated its use and also its results, scope and the recommendations of authors for future implementations within the field of dental education.