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Is Mineral Trioxide Aggregate a Bioceramic?


Mineral trioxide aggregate
Tricalcium silicate-based materials
Material composition.

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Camilleri DDS, MSc, PhD, J. (2016). Is Mineral Trioxide Aggregate a Bioceramic?. Odovtos - International Journal of Dental Sciences, 18(1), 13–17. https://doi.org/10.15517/ijds.v18i1.23482


Bioceramics are a subset of biomaterials and define ceramic materials, which are biocompatible. The range of biocompatibility is wide from totally inert materials to fully resorbable materials that are fully replaced with time. The first mention of Bioceramics in Endodontics referred to a study on a new material Bioaggregate, which was developed as a replacement for mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) boasting a Portland cement free formulation. But is MTA a bioceramic?.



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