Objective: To evaluate the esthetic perception of the smile according to the variation of the vertical position and the angulation of the upper central incisor (UPI) by dental students (DS) and common people (CP) of three regions of Peru. Materials and Methods: Descriptive cross-sectional design. The sample was 462 adults, divided into 77 for each subgroup of DS and CP of the Lima (Coast), Junín (Highlands) and Loreto (Rainforest) regions. Using the Photoshop® software, a photograph of a woman's smile was modified by varying the vertical position and angulation of the UPI, obtaining images that were evaluated using the analog visual scale. Results: The CP rated better than DS in most categories (p <0.001). The smile best valued by DS in a vertical position was 1mm and 2mm; and for angulation 0°, while for CP 1mm and 0° respectively (p <0.05). Comparing by regions, the DS of Lima gave the lowest rating for 0 ° with 52.63 and those of Junín the highest for 4° with 45.90. The PC of Loreto registered the lowest score for the vertical position categories (p <0.001), while for angulation in Junín it was rated with a lower score than in Loreto for -6 ° and 0 °; and for 4° Lima provided the lowest rating (p <0.001). Conclusions: The esthetic perception of the smile is affected by the variation of vertical position and angulation of the ICS in common people and dental students in the three regions of Peru.

Keywords: Perception, Esthetics, Vertical position, Mesiodistal angulation, Smile, Peru.