COVID-19 Outbreak and Dentistry

Jessie Reyes Carmona

9 |

Letters to the Editor

Preclinical simulation courses in dental education with COVID-19 pandemic

Gerardo Durán Ojeda

11-13 |

New Perspectives Article

Clinical Case Reports

Functional Rehabilitation with an Onlay Ceramic Adhesive Restoration: Case Report

Juan Carlos Ramírez Barrantes DDS, MSD, PhD

19-45 |

Lingual Focal Hyperplastic Lesion in a Pediatric Patient: Report of an Unusual Case

Denisse A. Herrera B., Joselin Flores V., Francisco J. Tejeda N., Victor Fierro S., Amaury J. Pozos G., Arturo Garrocho R.

47-52 |

Literature Review Articles

Bruxism in Children and Adolescents: A Review of the Literature

Viviana Abigail Alvarez-Gastañaga, Mercedes Carolina Baldeón-López, Violeta Malpartida-Carrillo CD, Mg, Esp

53-60 |

Original Basic Research Articles

Effect of Light Curing Modes on the Color Stability of a Nanohybrid Composite Immersed in Different Beverages

Gunce Ozan PhD, Hande Sar Sancakli DDS, Murat Tiryaki PhD, Isil Bayrak PhD

71-81 |

Effects of Different Storage Conditions on Mechanical Properties of CAD/CAM Restorative Materials

Ayşe Atay DDS, PhD, Elçin Sağirkaya DDS, PhD

83-96 |

Ex Vivo Evaluation of a Restoration Protocol for Teeth with Simulated Incomplete Rhizogenesis

Cristina Retana-Lobo DDS, MSD, Jessie Reyes-Carmona DDS, MSD, PhD

97-111 |

Influence of pH Value of Bleaching Gels on Surface Roughness of Bovine Enamel

Jocelyn G. Lugo-Varillas DDS, Pedro L. Tinedo-López DDS,MSc, Gustavo Watanabe Oshiro DDS,MSc, Alberth Correa Medina DDS,MSc,PhD, Evelyn Álvarez Vidigal DDS,MSc,PhD, Mónica Hermoza Novoa DDS,MSc

113-123 |

Assessment of the Flexion Force of TMA and Elgiloy Intrusion Arches to Different Lengths of Activation. An In Vitro Study

Francis Kelvin Ramos Lara DDS, Teresa Evaristo-Chiyong DDS, MSc, PhD

125-132 |

Sexual Dimorphism Via Palatal Vault Morphometric Analysis on A Sample Peruvian Population

Karen J. Escalante-Flórez DDS, Daniel G. Suárez-Ponce DDS, MSc, PhD, Ymelda W. Velezmoro-Montes DDS, MSc

133-141 |

Original Clinical Research Articles

Impact on Quality of Life of Oral Diseases Related to Stress

Diana I. Rivera-Reza DDS, María C. Villanueva-Vilchis DDS, MSc, PhD, Luis A. Gaitán-Cepeda DDS, MSc, PhD

143-156 |

Detection of Oral Entamoeba Gingivalis and Trichomonas Tenax in Adult Quilombola Population with Periodontal Disease

Jamille Alves Araújo Rosa MsC, Matheus dos Santos Fernandez, Igor Soares Vieira PhD, Rubens Riscala Madi PhD, Cláudia Moura de Melo PhD, Cristiane Costa da Cunha Oliveira DDS, PhD

157-164 |

Gingival Health Related to Intake of Different Types of Foods and Body Mass Index in 12-year-old Schoolchildren

Karol Ramírez DDS, MSc, PhD, Adrián Gómez-Fernández DDS,MAG, Mónica Rojas, Rebeca Rojas-Guzmán, Mariana Solano-Sanabria, Carolina Villalobos-Méndez, Georgina Gómez MSc

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