Open Access in Dentistry - Editorial

Jessie Reyes-Carmona DDS, MSD, PhD

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New Perspectives Article

Peripheral Tramadol in Dentistry: A New Use for an Old Drug

Daniel Chavarría DDS, MSc, PhD, Amaury Pozos DDS, MSc, PhD

10-14 |

Clinical Case Reports

Severe Injury Caused by a Traumatic Toothbrush Impalement: A Case Report

María Islas, Miguel Loyola DDS, Ricardo Martínez DDS, Amaury Pozos DDS, PhD, José Garrocho DDS, PhD

15-22 |

Literature Review Articles

Triclosan in Toothpaste, Is There Any Real Risk for the Health?

Gabriela García C.D., Alejandra Sánchez C.D., M.C., Edith Galindo C.D., M.C., PhD., Bernardino Cerda C.D., M.C., PhD.

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Original Clinical Research Articles

Signs and Symptoms in the Temporomandibular Joint of Geriatric Patients with Arthritis, Before and After Physiotherapy

Celia Mendiburu DDS, MSc, PhD, Ricardo Peñalosa DDS, MSc, PhD, Josué Mendiburu MD, Rubén Cárdenas DDS, MSc, David Cortés DDS, MSc, José Cervera DDS

51-59 |

Success Assesment of Patients Rehabilitated with Removable Prosthesis

Anabelle Valverde DDS, Otton Fernández DDS, MSc, Tatiana Vargas DDS, MSc

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Original Basic Research Articles

Push-Out Bond Strength of Quartz Fiber Posts Luted with Self-Adhesive and Conventional Resin Cements

Luiz Cardoso, Élito Araújo DDS, MSD, PhD, Luiz Narciso Baratieri DDS,MSD, PhD, Juan Ramírez DDS, MSD, PhD

73-90 |

Influence of the Sintering Type in Ceramics Blocks for Cad-Cam

Martín Kreisler DDS, MSc, PhD, Osmir Oliveira DDS, MSc, PhD

91-98 |

Antibacterial Efficacy of a Dispersion of Silver Nanoparticles in Citrate Medium for the Treatment of E. faecalis: an In Vitro Study

Silvia Rodríguez DDS, Tatiana Ramírez DDS, MSc, Mauricio Montero DDS, MSc, Daniel Chavarría DDS, MSc, PhD, Grettel Valle PhD, Norman Rojas MSc

99-107 |

Bond Strength Assessment Between Acrylic Teeth and Acrylic Resin Repairs: Effect of Different Surface Treatments

M.T. Muñoz MSc, E. Ruales DDS, L.H.M. Prates DDS, MSc, PhD, C.A.M. Volpato DDS, MSc, PhD

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