Ethical Considerations in Case Report Writing

Mauricio Montero-Aguilar

8-9 |

Short Communication Article

New Perspectives Article

Clinical Management of Intra-Pulp Canal Broken Endodontic Files in Primary Teeth: Literature Review

Arturo Garrocho-Rangel, Aránzazu Sánchez-Reynoso, Miguel Ángel Rosales-Berber, Socorro Ruiz-Rodríguez, Amaury de Jesús Pozos-Guillén

14-18 |

Clinical Case Reports

Corrective Treatment of Ectopic Eruption of Permanent First Molars: Case Report

Natalia Gutiérrez Marín DDS

19-26 |

The Prosthetic Management of a Case of Epulis Fissuratum by a Novel Technique

Rabia Mekayssi, Bouchra Taleb, Nadia Merzouk, Faîza Benfdil

27-32 |

Literature Review Articles

Use of Virtual Reality in Dentistry: Literature Review

Luis Eduardo Genaro, Ticiana Sidorenko de Oliveira Capote

33-38 |

Gingival Melanosis: Diagnosis and Therapy of Its Aesthetic Involvement. Literature Review

Lesly D. Osorio Ayala, Paola M. Cantos Tello, Andrea S. Carvajal Endara

39-51 |

Grayscale Values in Cone Beam Computed Tomography: Scope and Limitations

Ana Cecilia Ruiz-Imbert, Deivi Cascante-Sequeira

52-62 |

Original Basic Research Articles

Effect of Exposure to Carbonated Beverages on the Surface Hardness of Acrylic Resins

José F. Arana Bardales, Melvin Cisneros del Águila

73-81 |

Effect of Surface Wetting Resin on the Color Stability and Microhardness of Esthetic Composites

Suzan Cangul, Begum Erpacal, Ozkan Adiguzel, Mehmet Unal, Ayse Gunay

82-89 |

Analysis of the Mechanical Behavior and Effect of Cyclic Fatigue on the Implant-Abutment Interface

Ramón Germán Sandoval, Marine Ortiz Magdaleno, Paula Sánchez Robles, Norma Zavala Alonso, Gabriel Fernando Romo Ramírez

104-114 |

Fracture Resistance of Teeth Restored with Bulk-Fill and Fiber-Reinforced Composites in Class II Cavities

Gül Keskin, Zübeyde Uçar Gündoğar, Gün Burak Tek

115-125 |

Original Clinical Research Articles

3D Printing of Stereolithographic Models with Open Protocol

Jorge Oviedo-Quirós, José Campos-Zumbado, Diana Hernández-Montoya, María Fernanda Lines-Gutiérrez

126-136 |

Effects of Fixed and Removable Space Maintainers on Dental Plaque and DMFT/dft Values

Aliye Tugce Gurcan, Mine Koruyucu, Sinem Kuru, Elif Sepet, Figen Seymen

137-147 |

Prevalence and Distribution of Pulp Stones in a Group of Peruvian Adults: a Cone Beam Computed Tomography Study

Gisella G. Calero-Hinostroza, Pedro L. Tinedo-López, Carmen R. García-Rupaya

161-170 |

Is C Reactive Protein a Risk Indicator for Periodontal Disease?

Gisella Rojas González, Sandra Silva de la Fuente

171-180 |

Prevalence of Dental Caries Among Costa Rican Male Students Aged 12-22 Years Using ICDAS-II

Sylvia Gudiño-Fernández, Adrián Gómez-Fernández, Katherine Molina-Chaves, Juan Barahona-Cubillo, Romain Fantin, Cristina Barboza-Solís

181-195 |