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Social Anxiety and Musical Performance Anxiety in Brazilian Singers: A Comparative Study
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Social Anxiety
Musical Performance Anxiety
Public Performance
ansiedade social
ansiedade de performance musical
desempenho em público
ansiedad social
ansiedade de performance musical
desempenho em público

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Hackenberg, C. C., Oliveira, F. S. de, Bastos, S. F. A. de B., & Lopes, R. da C. T. (2023). Social Anxiety and Musical Performance Anxiety in Brazilian Singers: A Comparative Study. Actualidades En Psicología, 37(134), 1–16.


Objective. The goal of this study was to explore the relationship between social anxiety (SA) and musical performance anxiety (MPA) in a Brazilian sample of singers. Method. This study is descriptive, observational, correlational and quantitative, with a non-probabilistic convenience sample of 252 singers (142 amateurs and 110 professionals). Participants answered a sociodemographic questionnaire, the Adult Social Anxiety Questionnaire and the Kenny Music Performance Anxiety Inventory. Results. A moderate and significant positive correlation was found between SA and MPA. Evidence suggests that APM is significantly higher in professional singers and soloists. The aspects of “Worry and Insecurity” are significantly higher in professional singers than in amateurs. In conclusion, SA and MPA are present in professional singers representing an aggravating factor in mental health. Professional singers and soloists can benefit from diagnostics and treatment in the area of music performance.
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